Synergy Pavement Group is one of the only nationwide paving companies providing exceptional paving services to commercial clients and homeowners in several states. We have decades of experience in a wide variety of paving services, including exceptional installation services, cost-effective pavement repairs, and maintenance services that extend the life of your pavement.

  • Our knowledgeable paving teams can diagnose your pavement problems and apply state of the art solutions using the latest equipment and specially-mixed materials.
  • Our pavement installation is performed right the first time for stable, durable pavement.
  • Our state of the art repair services bring your pavement back to full function quickly.
  • Our asphalt maintenance ensures that your pavement remains in great condition for as long as possible.

Our Quality Paving Services

  • Asphalt Paving
  • Concrete
  • Crack Filling
  • Patching
  • Sealcoating
  • Striping

Synergy Pavement Group: A Different Paving Experience

No matter what type of pavement project you have, our unique outlook on pavement work ensures that you’ll have the best experience possible. Here’s some qualities that our team has that help us bring exceptional pavement to your property.

Experience and Integrity

Over the decades, we have tackled very complex and extensive pavement projects, as well as performed quick and detailed jobs. With offices all over the country in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, and Florida, we have experience with a wide variety of soil and weather conditions.

Our Breadth of Knowledge

Not only do our pavement experts research the weather conditions at every site, we’re continually learning about new paving processes and repair methods so that we can offer our clients the most cost-effective services. Our extensive knowledge of traffic control methods ensures that visitors to your property find it easy to navigate.

Attention to Detail

We perform extensive cleaning and site preparation before every job to ensure that your installation goes well and your pavement will last for decades. When the job is done, our crew works hard to make sure to leave your property clean and free of debris. We want our customers to know that we’ll leave their properties better than we found them.

Dedication to Our Clients

Customer service is baked into everything we do, from using only the best materials to employing skilled paving experts. Our experience with coordinating contractors and scheduling pavement work means that we can tackle even the most complex paving job with ease.

Ownership of the Job

We provide all necessary equipment to perform even the most complex paving projects, and our paving contractors are fully trained in their use. We use metered and computerized mixing processes for all asphalt and sealers to ensure the highest quality product.

Commitment to the Environment

Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials in the world, making it very eco-friendly. We strive to reduce pollution and protect our environment with everything we do, using only green products and processes. For clients all over the US, Synergy Pavement Group are the trusted paving company for all their pavement needs, whether that’s installation of a concrete drainage system or improving a large commercial parking lot. With Synergy Pavement Group, you can rest assured that your pavement is in good hands.